Thursday 28 March 2013

Sarah Langa x Terry Pheto x Nandi Mngoma | South African Beautiful Women

As much as I am over Johannesburg and waiting by the winds to just pack up and shit out. Joburg unquestionably has striking and well heeled kids bustling around.  Some beauty's appreciation on the streets is acquired and can only be seen from a well interrogated view. The faces in Johannesburg to some degree gratify some craving that I would like to satisfy somewhere else outside the confinements of this city or even the country. I look at images like these that I have taken and they emit a glint of some form of inspiration and satisfaction. Not a lot, nothing major just enough for that point in time.Enough to carry me over to next blog post... 

I smile and scream guuurl you look FUCKINGAMAING where did you mine all those BUSTING VIBES! (Yes, in a Jerri's voice)


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