Monday, 18 March 2013

Media Release | Gail Nkoane for Olay Even and Smooth Campaign

Iconic skin care brand Olay announces the arrival of New Olay Even & Smooth Day Cream and unveils the breathtaking Gail Nkoane as the face of a new campaign to help young South African women unlock even, healthy looking skin every day. New Olay Even & Smooth Day Cream has been designed to meet the needs of South African young women whose key concern is an uneven skin tone.

New Olay Even & Smooth Day Cream couples Olay’s 60 years of successful expertise and consumer insights to deliver an advanced new moisturiser that combines the best of science and nature to deliver beautiful clear skin.  

From The Desk of: Dindi Ndzekeli | The Riverbed Agency | 011 783 7903

What a beauty, absolutely stunning guurl! I will mos def be trying the products out. I may not achieve that photoshop mono-skin-tone and smoothness we all dream of, but I will get some kind if only not a few patches! Click HERE to see all images from the launch event.