Thursday, 21 March 2013

Kondi Mudau | Fashion & Style Chirl x According To Jerri

1. I love your vibe
2. How would you describe yourself in one word

3. What is it that you do and why?
Marketing and Business Development. I am currently studying further towards an International Marketing Qualification. Why - Honestly, after leaving High School I was a bit uncertain about what to study in Varsity. The choice to enroll for Marketing really came as an afterthought. However, since obtaining my Degree, I have fallen in love with Marketing. I love trend analyzing, identifying and understanding what grabs and gets target customers excited. Marketing is everything, understand what your customer wants and give it to them, simple.

4. You are a biggest inspiration to someone reading this; may you please share with them a few words of wisdom they will forever cherish, and ignite their will power to keep on keeping on:
Life is what you make of it. It is a series of choices. Choose to live your best life NOW, for tomorrow is not promised to any of us. Dare to be different and don't ever let the world dull your sparkle. Dream, Explore, Live.

5. Has there been a defining moment in your life that made you decide to take the direction in life that they did?
My move to London in January 2009 - Living and working in a foreign country is one of the most liberating, exhilarating, challenging but fun adventures I have ever taken on. There is something about living in a cosmopolitan city that just broadens your perspective on life as a whole. Life is so much bigger than you and your problems and so much bigger than your current city. Living abroad encouraged my decision to study Marketing on an International level. We live in a global world and a global economy and we need to align ourselves accordingly. It also ignited my passion for travel in a big way. I want to travel the world.


6. Your STRICTLY two favourite South African bloggers?

7. Give me names of the three unsung heroes of South Africa’s fashion, style and trends playground – fresh faces, underdogs and preferably people I don’t know.
1.  Khumo Moshimane: her style is very fun, boy-meets-girl influences with a sexy vintage touch.
 2. Matshidiso Nzimande-Da Silva : her style is very experimental, fresh and edgy all round.
3. Lufuno "Miss Brown" Sathekge : I think she has a great fashion eye. Her style is unpredictable, timeless with a lot of attention to detail.

8. Which country or city in the world do you think would allow you to be truly YOU?
Amsterdam - I'm a bit of what I would call a modern day hippie and I feel this city is a symbol of freedom and tolerance. It is a place where everyone feels free to just be.

9. What do you spend most of your money on?
Clothes and travelling.

10. What keeps you visiting a website or a blog of choice?
 Fresh perspective, unique content and consistency.

11. Do you buy clothing items based on the fact that you saw a designer wearing a loaned designer outfit? Does it matter, does it make a difference?
 I buy clothes because I think something looks nice. I am honestly not too big on designer clothing or brands. I buy what I like regardless. My wardrobe consists of market-buys, regular retail store buys as well a few key high-end designer pieces.

12. The most unglamorous thing about fashion is?
Trying to break into the industry; the fashion industry is a small, tight network of people that seem to run in cliques. For an outsider this can be a bit intimidating. I hear the long hours are also rather punishing.

13. List three misconceptions that people often have about you
That I am snobbish or spoilt / that I am a "busy body" / That I am a walk-over because I am nice - Big misconception.

14. If Hollywood made a movie about your life, whom would you like to see play the lead role as you?
Solange Knowles, I love her free-spirit and her bold style. I can relate.

15. What are your views on people who do not like to pay for others knowledge and skills on an area of their specialty?
I think it is just so wrong. I can't stand freeloaders. We are all out here trying to push our different hustles. So pay up, whether we are friends or family. Business is business.

16. When do you stop doing things for free and start talking money?
That's a tough one, I would say from the onset. Once you decide on what it is that you want to do and how you want to go about it, start charging. 

17. South African bloggers; what is it that they doing completely right?
I love South African blogs and find most of the ones I follow very inspiring and relevant to my life. I think what South African bloggers are doing right is providing fresh perspectives in their posts and blogging about current yet versatile issues.