Monday, 25 March 2013

André Martin x Fashion Designer | South African Striking Faces

When Andre Martin hit the run way after presentation of his collection for the designer acknowledgement:

Initial reaction: SHUT THE FUCK UP, OMG, is that André Martin - the menswear fashion designer?

Follow up reaction: OMG he is soooooo HOT, I thought he was one of the models!

Call to action: Whips out smartphone, Google, Google, Google, check all background info. Tick all the boxes.  What’s the 411? What’s the Digaga, What’s the T guuurl? Google SPILL THE JUICE!

Wet blanket reaction: He is happily married to a woman and has a beautiful son named Cole. Cole Martin is daddy’s little muse that inspired him to develop a kids’ collection.

Consolation Reaction: At least I can still go buy myself that fierce baseball jacket with gold LIFE logo embroidery and take consolation in the fact that I am indirectly a part of him if only through the threads!

O’ well...

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