Thursday 6 December 2012

African Wrist Pieces, Bead Work & Accessories

You know by now that these wrist pieces are THE TRUTH my TRUTH. I called them and now they are super trendy and fashionable. Roll your eyes to the back of your head all you want, because that aint nothing but THE TRUTH the only TRUTH that is. Period.The.End

If you looking to purchase these beauties you can mission down town Johannesburg and buy them from the Mamas selling on the side walk. It would be nice of you to support small businesses more especially if they are this skilled. Do not wait for some International fashion house to pick off this beadwork vibe, rip it off and sell it back to you at a hefty price under the veneer of ‘High Fashion’. EVOLVE WON’T YOU!

Also NEVER ask anyone to give you anything they wearing. It verbally castrates me hearing someone asking for something I am wearing. It’s like STOP begging and nagging you making my ears bleed. I have heard it all and my answer is always a flat-out; “NO, I am not going to give you anything and I find it incredibly rude that you asking me to take off something I am wearing and give it to you! BUT if you really want this you can go buy it for yourself. Buy as many as you fancy down town Joburg”

Thereafter it is usually; “Agh come on man, but you have sooo many” and I am like; “I have got ‘so many’ because I have bought them and I don’t give them out to every second person who begs for one and annoys me at it”

Anywhoo… what am I rattling about again?

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