Tuesday 20 November 2012

South African Style Awards 2012 Winners

Most Stylish Media Personality - Anele Mdoda
Photography - Charles Johnstone


Stylish Couple - Arthur Malan & Jason Basson
Photography - Byron Keulemans
P.S I just SCREAMED when I saw these two YES, YES, YES, looking FUCKINGAMAZING!

Style Icon - Cameron Van Der Burgh
Photography - Charles Johnstone

P.S Can someone define a STYLE ICON for me?

Marie Claire Street Style - Funeka Ngwevela
Photography - Charles Johnstone

P.S The Quirky Stylista is PROPER cleaning this year. I will quote Toolz and say; "The world is your oyster, eat it with a bottle of fucking champagne!" 2012 was yours Miss Thang, You OWNED IT! BUSTING

Most Stylish Model - Gregg Hammond
Photography - Charles Johnstone

Most Innovative Style - Lalla Hirayama
Photography - Charles Johnstone

P.S Yes, Yes, Yes all sorts of Yeses! 

Most Stylish Designer - Suzaan Heyns
Photography - Charles Johnstone

P.S BUSTING; Suzaan is the Queen!

Most Stylish Performing Artist (Film) Bonnie Henna
Photography - Kevin Smith

International Swedish Designer & Guest of Honour - Nina Jarebrink
Photography - Andreas Öhlund/Sebastian Professional

Most Stylish Business Person Ningi Mhinga
Photography - Charles Johnstone

P.S I didn't know who Miss Thang was up until, I got exposed to this list. Thanks to a lil desk top background research now I DO! 

Most Stylish Performing Artist (Music) Toya De Lazy
Photography - Judd van Rensburg

Well, there you have it. Who were on the judging panel or the winners are determined by respective sponsors who make contribution to a category and the event in totality. What is the T here vele?

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