Sunday 18 November 2012

Khaya Bhubesii Sibiya & Bianca Miles For Punk and Ivy

FUCKEN LOVE these two! SA Style Awards look no further for this year’s selection, if you need my recommendation on who should make a list of nominees and winners feel free to mail me.  SA most stylish couple for Bianca and Khaya – easy decision there! They consistent and do not have a prototype predictable look that’s style. 

On the same breath you don't really need validation in a form of a statue from some list and panel of 'style judges' because the streets have BEEN paying you homage and so long as you keep it up and we wont stop beating that celebratory drum. 

BUSTING! They running their own race and with that kinda shoe-game you best believe this a race best left alone for them to endure cause chirl you just not gonna make the finish line. PERIOD.THE.END

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  1. They too haute! they make a mean team, the fashion here is on another level, im sold