Monday 15 October 2012

Solange Knowles Covers ELLE Magazine South Africa November 2012

Wish I could credit all the people who made this FEROSH magic possible but I am left to my own devices here. South African Magazine industry still have not fully embraced the notion of sending out snippets of the interviews, hi res images, a release-nyana (just a young one), even a smoke signal for their forthcoming issues. NOPE, they still on that hush-hush tip, up until the issue hits the shelves. I stand to be corrected, or NOT.

Sarah Koopman penned down the interview that’s all I know for now; Exclusive Books is still not yet open and I doubt the distribution van has made a drop by yet. A wild guess would be wardrobe was provided by Babatunde, Loin Cloth and Ashes and among many other designers; who embody the Africque style elements Miss Thang is much best known for embracing in her style. NO? 

To those who worked on this SHAKE YOUR TITS, I LOVE YOUR. The last time I was excited about a mag was when I Denzel FUCKME Washington covered the October issue of GQ magazine. Read all about it HERE

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