Friday, 19 October 2012

466/64 Fashion Menswear Autumn Winter 2013 Collection Exclusive Preview

Like I said earlier: Chris Vogelpoel slammed it off the sketch book! You simply have to love Chris’s affection for colour, texture and pattern. He can wear colour just as good he designs it. The collection fuses warm and elementary colours, shweshwe print fabrics linings, basic and a few daring fashion forward pieces.

Brand ID CEO, Wayne Bebb shared with us the worthy news about their CSI projects they have successfully been rolling out in various provinces across the country. Also emphasized that the brand is about carrying on the legacy of Nelson Mandela, amongst other values and ethos of that legacy; being giving back to the people where help is needed. 

The brand has been well received in South Africa and the U.S and recently Brand ID has secured distribution in Europe and various Nordic countries. That’s just HAUTE, I say fly it high!

See the 466/46 Menswear Spring Summer 2012 collection HERE

One of 466/46 Fashion friends Heinz Winckler was also in the mix playing dress up, FUN! O’ and Mister Vogelpoel, I am still waiting?


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