Tuesday 21 August 2012

Masego 'Maps' Maponyane | Fashion and Style IT Chirl


Roll me around in honey; lace me with candy floss and feed me to the ants! CAGE ME I AM WILD!

Masego 'Maps' Maponyane; has to be one of the most celebrated fashion and style chirl in Johannesburg. You wonder why? Well honey, I will recommend you go for an eye test!
Not going to rant about Maps because he looks (above) picture perfect, he knows that and so is everyone else reading this post!

I am all for white denims this season and coloured footwear; thick soled brogues, suede desert boots, slippers and Haivainas!

Maps still maintain that he does not POUT when he takes pictures but that is how his lips involuntarily twitch when posing. WHATEVER Maps, your claims are as credible as note from a tooth fairy! More Here

P.S Only found a few days ago that he is Marks Maponyane's son, and the pieces fell in to place!

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