Sunday, 5 August 2012

Lex King | South African Striking Faces

Lex King, more like Luxe Legs King! One of my much-loved South African catwalk Queens, she is a force on that ramp. A fiery red haired stellar with legs from here to Buenos Aires and back! An epitome of rare, unconventional, naked beauty! Lex opens a presentation and closes it like no other can! Nothing exciting (for audience) and quintessential (for designer) like a model that can WALK and looks like a runway model!

In a perfect world she would only be casted for Haute Couture and swimwear shows! She is just too strong and grand for ready to wear collections. Adding to that doing just about everything always dilutes a models value. BUT this is SA a gurl gots to snatch whatever gig she banks.


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