Friday 3 August 2012

Cheska Liackman for Grazia Magazine South Africa

I have asked Miss Thang more than a few times I care to remember if I could feature her on my blog and get to chat to her as South Africa’s magazine fashion force but she was just too busy for Jerri and his silly little requests! Don’t mind me I am just throwing myself a pity party which you do not need to be part of! Over it!

This is Cheska Liackman …

I have worked with Cheska when she was just starting out as an intern at ELLE Magazaine South Africa here in Johannesburg. Yes, when Sharon Becker was still the Fashion Editor and Dion Chang still penned down the back page last word in ELLE. Doesn’t it just feel like many moons ago?

Cheska; a stunning girl, a little reserved, doesn’t say much verbally but says a lot in her demeanour and the threads she wears. Let’s say she is a new generation lady!

I love progression and transitioning fashion stories, hence I just love Janine Jellars tale!

So I hear Cheska left AVUSA (ELLE Magazine) for Media24 (Grazia Magazine) and today is her third day at Grazia as their Online Editor. See what I mean? Progression, WERK CHIRL! Kudos, High 5, double kisses, Apple ‘Tinnis in the air all of that and champagne breakfast at Tiffany’s! So lets do the maths: if you ever lusted after Cheska's position at ELLE well seems like your fashion guardian angels have been working over time to make it happen for you. Those super luxe, styling heels needs to be filled soon, will it be you? Let the games begin; "Who Will Be The Next Cheska?"... The Sequel!

I digged a little before jotting this down turns out Miss Thang is getting hitched on the 10th November 2012 as well, Double Kudos! Read all about it HERE
OK WAIT STOP! Did you see her apartment? Careful before you go cray cray, clicking on the link just be prepared as you might be FMLing yourself away!

I believe we have ourselves here a future editor of some publication the question is; which one and when will it be? (well print form I guess, but then again online is the future, so scratch that!) We will be following your fabulous fairy tale life Doll; like they say:  “A lot of girls would kill for that position!”

It would have been lovely had you had time for us to do that one-on-one chat but I fully understand as to why time has been an issue for you. With all this lavishness and success descending upon you like how Coco came down the twirling staircase in the closing scene of Coco Before Chanel film I can only say OWN IT!

P.S Loving the VERSACE for H&M situation happening there. Lets not forget that BIRD you carrying, we love Ostrich in any form!


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