Sunday 22 July 2012

Wranger Jeans South Africa Launch

Besides the fantastic aura of joviality in the air; this has to be one of the most interesting things I came across at the Wrangler Jeans South Africa launch I attended last week. I went through these installations and they had all these interesting facts about Wrangler jeans. Unassuming but absolute well information they were. It was like a 101 wrangler jeans dissecting art display.

Always interesting to read trivial yet empowering facts like these; because most of time we have the knack to overlook or be oblivious to interesting details on clothing we dearly love.

I suppose you would agree with me that sometimes you see something or a ‘minor’ detail on a piece of clothing and you think to yourself “I wonder why they stitched this here?” And because it is really such a minor thing in retrospect you don’t bother to find out. NO?

The most two interesting facts were: “The Watch Pocket” I had an aaahhh moment when I read that piece. I was like that’s it! The other one was the “The Flat Rivets” I sort of knew about this one; because once I had some guy sprint my direction to tell me to refrain from leaning against his car as I could potentially scratch it with my pants. And like a normal being I am, I got tad defensive and I told him to relax I was just standing next to his car not scratching it.

After reading “The Flat Rivets” piece my mind linked this information to the incident that happened many moons ago; and now I better understand where that guy came from. YES the spiky denim rivets do damage stuff!

Like they say DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS and seems like the guys from Wrangler clothing have it all figured out to the last stitch!

I own a pair of Wrangler VEGAS denims in dark blue and I have to say they are the most amazing pair of jeans I have ever owned thus far. Slightly coated, the denim texture is not harsh, feels just right and the fit is PERFECT!

This one is for the guys (more especially the heterosexual boys). I have always wondered; when it comes to a pair of jeans for girls it’s the way denims fit and hug their derriere that’s how they know that they are wearing a killer pair of jeans. And the ability for them to proper fills them. (Hence the never ending up-close shots of ladies asses on advertising material). Guys what is that one thing that seals the deal for you when it comes to a pair of denims? How and what does a pair of jeans have to fit right for you to say this is the ONE!

My new obsession!

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