Friday, 13 July 2012

Jil Sander Groceries Brown Paper Inspired Leather Bag

Simplicity! This has to be one of the simplest yet divinely beyond comprehension pieces of art I have seen this year thus far!

Totes love Jil Sander this totes tops my LUST LIST! Feel free to ask for my home address, I love receiving little packages from the courier companies... OK fine even it’s from me!

I feel this is going to be one of the most knocked off designs in the ‘aspiration market’. The simplicity of the bag will absolutely make it easy for every leather shop to stitch it up from pieces of leather cut off lying on the floor easily. Slap some funky branding on it and bob is your uncle!

Just watch Vogue Italia do a tacky spread with this bag and ruffle some feathers with a concept along the lines of a model being a bag lady slapping about the streets like a stanky-hoe drinking some booze out of the bag ala boozing from a brown paper bag!

“Drawing inspiration from the unassuming brown paper bag – typically utilized to lug around your packed lunch – Jil Sander has managed to give the functional, everyday object a contemporary over haul, creating a sleek and innovative rendition of the purposeful item.
Staying true to form, the design is clean, sleek and ultra minimal. Crafted from fine Italian leather, this foldable piece is exceedingly understated, with subtle gold embellishments coming in the form of side eyelets, a magnetic snap fastening and Jil Sander branding to the front. “– Fashion Beans

P.S I tried to get my well manicured paws all over one from Mr Potter for only £556 I mean hellooo it is such an investment! BUT naturally it is SOLD OUT. What did they teach us during the first few lectures of our marketing class? The Allure of Scarcity!
Great work Jill!

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