Wednesday 25 July 2012

Eve | Two Toned Monochrome

I couldn’t believe it when I first saw this image of Miss Eve looking all sorts of stunning in a two toned monochromatic look. A button down pleated maxi dress shirt embellished with a touch of gold.  Luckily the signature paw-paws-boobies have not been booked for a laser as yet, so they serve as some sort of confirmation that it is her!

Talk about reincarnation! Sheer glamour-zon and kind of looks like a young Whitney Houston. NO?


  1. She looks like a young Oprah, the hair and dress style... A little disturbing.

  2. Wow!! She looks amazing! Took me a minute and longer to even see that it was her. I see Vivica - NO? Glad she kept the paws tattoo though. They're like her very own barcode.