Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Yo-Landi Visser Winks Yellow With Her Derrière

I don’t know much about DIE ANTWOORD nor understand much about what they singing about or what they saying but apparently they just way to cool; cool even beyond the South African boarders if not cooler! Eerrrmm, like,helloo Alexander Wang?

What I know is; when I saw Miss Thang in those cut-ripped-apart lil Miss Sunshine Mellow-Yellow short-shorts, paired with a cropped tiger print Tee. I said all kinds of yeses! I was like ‘Yes Miss Thang WORK it out’!

I believe she was in Barcelona, doing exactly what is it that she does is.

This summer is going to be a HM (that stands for Hot & Messy, for new kids on the block) chirl, the shorts are getting more and shorter and Tart-ier! The more tart-ier the more pungent the tastes will be guess whether it will be more to the good or the bad side I do not know and frankly who cares! Firm, jelly, cottage cheese, marshmallow, striped, firm, smooth, toned, boney legs and thighs will be on display high rotation!