Monday, 7 November 2011

Mighty Quirky

"The Mighty Wallet is a durable, expandable wallet made from a single sheet of the micro fiber material,Tyvek. Mighty Wallets will be available in South from February 2012.

The Mighty Wallet first sold at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and has been recognized as the most innovative wallet you will ever own. It is 100% recyclable, tear resistant, water resistant and eco-friendly. The Mighty Wallet will revolutionize your idea of a money safe-keep.

This super thin wallet is made from the stronger form of material used to make express mail envelopes (Tyvek) and is designed to expand and adjust to continuous use. The secret of its strength lies in its folded design that eliminates stitching which is where most leather front pocket wallets fail. The super strong material is made of thousands of plastic fibers, 50 times smaller than a human hair.

Mighty Wallets boast a range of 70 original graphics from Paper Esque including designs such as airmail, 3 ring-binder and newsprint. The designs extend to Concrete Jungle including army print and graffiti. Destination, Cartoon, Gallery and Mish Mash prints also make up the wide offering of wallets for men, women & children. The plain white design can also be personalized by writing or drawing on its water-resistant surface. 

Enjoy the amazing long life of your Mighty Wallet as it wears and takes on a classic vintage look over time. Be Innovative! Be Creative! Be Mighty!

Mighty Wallets will be available from February 2012 for R200 at select stores nationwide. For retail information please call 082 414 8524"
From The Desk Of: Janna Koppel Public Relations

P.S Personally, I prefer something that is more that 20cms but these cuties just look so adorable! My object of desire being the "Airmail" and "Ring Binder" designs and overall the paper esque collection is my fave!