Wednesday, 24 August 2011

What Did They Say 'Bout Black Again?

This boy must have been on the generous receiving end of the line when they dished out melanin pigments and O’ boy did they DISH! He told me a lil’ hilarious tale that a few seasons back when he was in Germany the Europeans JUST couldn’t understand him! All they saw was “this gorgeous-dark-creature” they couldn’t comprehend and he became some sort out a hit within the circles. You know what they say: Honey you can go under the knife but you can’t  fake bone structure!

Victor ‘s got an amazing rare splendour; dark-fine-even-skin-tone, tall, structured strong jaw line, pearl white teeth (advantage of being dark, exaggerates the enamel) and well crafted nose bridge! What more could you ask for, someone snatch this boy and make something of him!!!