Thursday, 21 July 2011

UNDACOVA Men Collection S/S '11 - '12

I am totally OBSESSED with UNDACOVA underwear, the material they use is just perfect –it doesn’t roll up, itch and bite. It is rather more on the soothing and forgetful side of the body.  The designs are playful yet they don’t look like something that should be on the little boys section. What I like most is their undies set, an endearing vest with matching briefs. I have the most dazzling long sleeved vest and long johns set in a royal blue with red stitching and trimmings and the vest has wooden buttons. Totally Dreamy!
It’s the kind of underwear you would like to see someone jump out off your bed wearing, the kind of underwear you want to be wearing when you drag yourself out off bed after a hectic night out. A kind of underwear you wanna pounce around your pad wearing all day on a lazy day. The kind of underwear you want to be wearing whilst having your morning smoke and strong black coffee.  It’s an underwear that act as a confidence booster, the kind of confidence that tells you that it’s OK to open your front door wearing undies without knowing who is knocking.
I am OBSESSED with the Capitano set and the Blue and Red Block stripes set from this collection I want, I want. So yes the secret is out I love matching undies sets!
I see this summer UNDACOVA anticipates Captains, Marine Studs and Sailors! A-Hoy Toot-Toot!
KUDOS to Chris, Percy and Team!