Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Top Billing Magazine July 2011 Slammed Dunked It Backwards

For no reason I never believed I was Top Billing magazine’s “core target market”. I remember the first time I paid curiosity to the publication was when Anele Mdoda graced the cover page a few months back.

I am one of those people who have waltzed to the gleaming side of; Magazine Cult Boulevard. If you are a member than you will fully comprehend what that entails.

I am frequently debating the notorious subject; does the cover page influence the publication’s sales? What is the cover page / sales relationship and funny thing is, this only creeps on me when I am contemplating buying a publication that have not won my pledge yet.

I think I have my answer; Absolutely YES the cover page does influence new sales because loyal customers do not need to be convinced to buy a publication. In this instance I was drawn to buy the publication because of the fashion styling and the warmth of the photography lighting and style.

Top Billing Magazine July 2011 issue has to be one of the immaculately styled cover pages I have seen this year. I believe they took a risk, stepped out of their comfort zone. The cover is different from their standard look and feel and it’s not often you see three guys sharing a cover page and pulling it off like Anna Wintour with a fringed-bob.

A fat well done to Alexis Chaffe who styled the shoot, the genius photographer Angie Lázaroshot and team you did an astonishing job!

They scooped me over to a little place where everyone farts pretty lil butterflies and poops rainbows! 

Happy 7th Birthday Top Billing Magazine!