Thursday, 26 May 2011

Sheer Bliss

Gert Johan Coetzee

Yves Saint Laurent 
Alexandra "Lee" McQueen

We first saw the paint-splatter trend on high rotation on the runways more than a few seasons ago, 2008 to be exact. I have a sneaky feeling that this absolutely fun, lighthearted and peculiar trend is creeping its way back in to our closets.
I imagine it’s more fun if you DIY your own pieces. Instead of buying a paint-splattered garment rather pop in at an art shop, get some fabric paints, brushes etcetera grab a pair of jeans, dress, Tee or a pair of leather brogues that you already in possession of and let them be your canvas!
Dolce & Gabbana S/S 2008 and YSL Resort 2008 are some of the first brands that debut this trend on the runway. This year again we saw some paint-splattered creations on Dries Van Noten x 2 S/S 2011 and Jean Paul Gaultier S/S 2011 shows.
Yves Saint Laurent paint-splattered dress was one of the biggest prized possessions a few seasons back
O’ yes who could forget Alexandra “Lee” McQueen’s Spring 1999 show "The Girl and the Robot" which featured a model in a white dress being spray-painted by machines. The splatter-print frock was the result. The dress was part of the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty Exhibition – Alexander McQueen Fashion at Metropolitan Museum.
Britney Spears “Hold It against Me” music video there is also some paint-splatter creations happening there.
This paint-splattered tube dress by South African designer GERT JOHAN COETZEE, Louise Carver is wearing evoked so many emotions within me.

It took me way back to the 90s, made me think of the GENIUS that was Alexandra “Lee” McQueen.  Grab a box of chamomile and lavender scented soothing tissues and enjoy this video:
A Big-Healthy-Well-Done GERT JOHAN COETZEE I am totally cray-cray about the dress!!!