Monday, 11 April 2011

SA Fashion Week S/S '11 : Loxion Kulca

I did NOT see this one coming; Loxion Kulca blew me out of my ID book with this story in their collection. For some few justifiable reasons I am upset and feel cheated that Istarted  paying attention to LK only recently, I have seriously been sleeping on it.
I am FFT collection, I Love Love Love it especially the seven looks above. The grey mélange formal-casual short-shorts, the above the knees washed-out-denim-shorts with enchanting prints, the plunging neckline Hevage revealing structured shirt, the delicate see through detailed shirt and the leather sandals, the sandals JUST made it for me!
As you know I am big fat sucker for all things bright and neon but the intricacy of the grays, whites, stone, gold in this collection got me all warm and fluffy from within.
I am going to go right ahead and borrow from The Rachael Zoe Dictionary and say: “I-DIE”