Friday, 25 March 2011

Two Fairies Having A Cup Cake Food Fight

This was one of the most fun shoot I conceptualized with a photographer friend of mine. The brief was:

To create imagery that will appeal to people the same way ice-cream does. Heavy contrast between foreground and background, the use of colour and the simplicity that lies in white. So in essence we wanted the "sore thumb effect."

This was achieved by making sure that whatever was put together did not blend in with either the background or what was currently trending at the moment.

The styling is New-Age Punk, with “I really don't give a shit that my shorts are really short, bright yellow and you looking at me like I just shat on your lawn. The selection of garments had to look like "Two fairies were having a cup-cake food fight"

Here is a lil' teazer from the shoot...