Friday, 15 February 2013

David Tlale New York Fashion Week AW 2013 Collection

Here what the collection review writers and bloggers had to say about Miss Thang’s collection: 

“…The collection was themed ‘Decadence’, in celebration of his ten year anniversary. With a  mixture of bold and earthy hues paired with art deco-ish patterns, we’ve come to learn that the DT woman is graceful and can be easily set apart from the crowd.

… David has the ability to apply existing trends and entirely turn them into his own, making him a trendsetter.  I cant help but think that locally, he’s somewhat ahead of our time.” – Haute Fashion Africa
“It reads like a Cinderella tale — for talented boys. Tlale has since built a solid reputation for shimmering, ladylike garments that are beautifully constructed, layered with details, but never overwrought. These photos do not do the collection justice.”  - The Grio

 “This is very beautiful. Everything is very feminine, but very old world,” Parks said, commenting on his extensive use of brocades and other luscious textures. “It’s just giving me glamour, richness. I can see myself in most of this. I love the gold. I love the beautiful fabrics. I love these hemlines. Very feminine, very curvaceous. You know I love to show off my donkey booty.” - Phaedra Parks, one of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta

Just out of interest, can someone share with me why David did not show men’s wear, re-evaluating the brand?