Thursday, 31 March 2011

See The World Through TOM FORD's Eyes

I am FFT TOM FORD “single-man” special edition frame, I WILL own a pair of these. You know how I feel about TOM FORD therefore I am really trying hard not to write a novel on this post about this man. All I will say is TOM FORD you are a GENIUS!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

South Africa's High End Model Quality

I am FFT girl; I cannot wait to work with Sarah again! This was just a test shot for a shoot I was styling that she art directed...

Monday, 28 March 2011

Ephymol Fresh Off The Runway

She’s wearing an Ephymol Summer Collection  piece I received from Ephraim Molingoana himself fresh off the runway. I have a hilarious story vis-à-vis this garment. A friend of mine asked me to be her partner to a wedding but the invite affirmed you had to wear a traditional regalia. I considered wearing this top and she was like “Ummm... Jerri the invite did say wear traditional regalia” without missing a beat I replied: “But Yols this piece looks like it can pass off as traditional regalia… in MILAN”

DSquared “Nappa” Spine Heel

Dear Dean & Dan,

Let’s get one thing out the way; we both know you read my blog so you will see this. May you please DHL me a pair of these masterpieces! I have never worn a pair of heels and I need a reason to. I saw these and I immediately creamed my pants, I frantically looked though online stores but that excitement was short lived when it appeared that I would have to cough out approximately R15k to get these artworks delivered (in SA) safe and sound to my footwear closet where there is a Reserved sign where they meant to be .

I am honestly at a stage where I am a depressed sigh away from organizing a loan with my bank manager.
Obsessed Jerri

Mag Rim Ring AuDITIONS Gold Design Collection 2009/2010

I lose it and go cray-cray for this momentous piece, yellow and white gold spinning mag wheel ring with a treaded rubber tire designed by a genius called Lincoln Mokoena.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Two Fairies Having A Cup Cake Food Fight

This was one of the most fun shoot I conceptualized with a photographer friend of mine. The brief was:

To create imagery that will appeal to people the same way ice-cream does. Heavy contrast between foreground and background, the use of colour and the simplicity that lies in white. So in essence we wanted the "sore thumb effect."

This was achieved by making sure that whatever was put together did not blend in with either the background or what was currently trending at the moment.

The styling is New-Age Punk, with “I really don't give a shit that my shorts are really short, bright yellow and you looking at me like I just shat on your lawn. The selection of garments had to look like "Two fairies were having a cup-cake food fight"

Here is a lil' teazer from the shoot...